Blog From Bill: 2018 The Year of God's Presence

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Fear not, for I am with you

Isaiah 41:10

Over the next several weeks as we start 2018 I plan to look at God’s special role for us as leaders. Often we become so focused on what we must do to succeed that we forget what He does through us so we can succeed. Many times we become so gripped by the fear of failure or anger over our inferiority that we lose confidence and become discouraged. So at the beginning of 2018 our aim is to transform our fear into freedom, our inferiority into confidence, and our emptiness into God’s fullness for us as leaders. Today’s blog focuses on a sense of God’s presence that delivers us from fear.

Fear dominates many leaders, and those who claim they are unafraid deceive themselves. When a person has responsibility for the well being of large numbers of families, the spiritual health of hundreds of people, the eternal well being of an entire community, and the aims of a business or ministry, there is no way he can escape feeling afraid. Fear becomes more dominant when a leader’s identity depends on success, when what she or he does determines who she or he is. What can leaders do about fear?

Podcast: A Life of Constant Adequacy

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Leaders do not have what it takes to lead. They are inadequate. They are weak and broken, but in Christ they are made adequate if they are vulnerable and willing to let go of their own strength and let Christ's power work through their weaknesses. Listen to this truth from the second book of Corinthians.

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Video: Thankful

We are thankful for 2017. God turned a bad year into a good year and last month we celebrated God's faithfulness at our annual dinner. This short video shows a few highlights from that dinner as we look forward to 2018.

2018 Annual Dinner - February 20, 2018

Please make plans to join us for our 2018 annual dinner and see our new strategy for a new season. Click below to sign up. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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