Nestor Felix is the national coordinator for the developing Leader Formation Networks in Latin America. Nestor and his wife Norma are from Peru, but have lived all over Latin America, the US, and Canada as Nestor worked in the corporate world with P&G for thirty-two years after earning his MBA from USC. Nestor anticipates receiving his Doctrinal of Ministry degree from Dallas Seminary in May 2018.

He has had continental-wide experience both in South and North America, rising to the level of internal auditor for P&G in Latin America. Following early retirement, Nestor immediately moved into the ministry world helping to plant a church in San Jose, Costa Rica, where they live as he pursues his Doctor of Ministry degree from Dallas Seminary.

Nestor and Norma have three daughters, a son, and five grandchildren. One of their daughters has been with the Lord for six years, a great loss for them, but she gave them a granddaughter whom they love dearly.