Blog From Bill: How To Stop fear from making you your own God

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How do you respond when fear becomes your master?

How do you respond when fear so masters your life and your leadership that it becomes your god, when it so replaces Elohim, the Master of the universe and history that you lose all trust in Him and trust yourself instead? In those moments your thinking is distorted, your mind is confused, your life is distressed, and your motives are misdirected. You have become your own god because fear has replaced God in your life. You are dismayed, powerless, and hopeless.

Here are four steps to take when you have replaced trust in God with trust in yourself and fear becomes your god. These steps bring freedom from fear through renewed trust in God.

Podcast: A Life of Constant Adequacy

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Leaders do not have what it takes to lead. They are inadequate. They are weak and broken, but in Christ they are made adequate if they are vulnerable and willing to let go of their own strength and let Christ's power work through their weaknesses. Listen to this truth from the second book of Corinthians.

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