Blog From Bill: Failing Church Leaders - 8 wAys To Guard Against Failure


Often I read of a Christian leader who has fallen in some form of immorality, sometimes active and sometimes verbally inappropriate, but always unexpected and inexcusable. It is unbelievably painful to see this happen, whether to famous or unknown leaders.

Many years ago when I was young I did an internship with J. Vernon McGee at the Church of the Open Door in downtown Los Angeles. About half way through the summer Dr. McGee took an interest in me and began to talk to me every week about various aspects of being a pastor, particularly about remaining pure before God.


Podcast: A Life of Constant Adequacy

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Leaders do not have what it takes to lead. They are inadequate. They are weak and broken, but in Christ they are made adequate if they are vulnerable and willing to let go of their own strength and let Christ's power work through their weaknesses. Listen to this truth from the second book of Corinthians.

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