Wilderness Wanderings

The wilderness is God’s original temple, the place where He called His leaders and formed His followers. In the Bible nothing but good comes out of the wilderness. The wilderness is an experience to be embraced, not a punishment to be escaped.  Just as Israel pursued a zigzag line across the wilderness to the Promised Land, so we must pursue a zigzag life toward God’s fruitfulness for us. In fact, the zigzag life is the shortest distance to fruitfulness in God’s purposes.  So let’s enter into our wilderness wanderings, not with fear, but with the anticipation of God’s good hand on us, purifying us through His holiness while using us for His glory.


THree Years to Change the World

Three Years To Change the World is a mandate to the church to lead the world with "altared" hearts, hearts that are placed on God’s altar over and over again—not relying on training and talent, but on a newfound heart from God that allows Him to lead through us. Discover why talent, experience and success often keep people from becoming the kind of leaders God calls them to be.

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The principle of except

Solomon loved the Lord except...(1 Kings 3:3)

As in life, so in leadership:  Early exceptions become lasting rules. Explore this biblical principle in the lives of four strategic leaders where we learn that heart of the leader is the heart of leadership.


Effective Pastoring

"A great deal of confusion exists today as to what pastors are to be," Lawrence writes. "Are they chaplains, CEO's, preachers, managers, or counselors? Paul gave us the answer long ago: They are to be equippers, disciple-makers." Just as the great artist Michelangelo took a chipped and flawed piece of marble and transformed it into a masterful sculpture of David, so does a pastor with his flock. "This is pastoring", writes Lawrence, "serving as sculptors of souls."